• Time-saving and affordable

    20-minute DIY nails all done at home. No more $50+tips nails

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  • Foolproof Application and long lasting

    No more mess from liquid nail polish. Last at least 2 weeks.

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  • Help Nail Growth and Prevent Nail Biting

    Help natural nail growth and less nail biting problem

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Your Nail Friend

Hi, everyone. My name is Grace and I'm the founder of The Real Gel Nails. The idea of creating this brand came from my own experience. I used to bite my nails because of the stress from moving to the US from China. My nail biting problem got so bad that I knew I had to do something to stop it. I found out doing my nails regularly helped a lot. But gradually it got expense. That was when I discovered these semi-cured gel nail strips. They are affordable and easy to use. Best of all, they helped my nail biting problem dramatically. Now I don't bite my nails as much, but I do still have nail picking problem that I'm working on. One day at a time I guess. What's your story?

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