Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are semi-cured gel nail strips?

They are made of real gel. But different from liquid gel, they are 60% cured already so they are in solid form, making them easier to apply. But they are also stretchy and flexible. So they can fit you nails perfectly!

Watch the introduction video here

2. How to use these semi-cured gel nail strips?


Watch application video here

Watch removal video here

3: Are the semi-cured gel nail strips really easy to use?

A: Yes, they are. As the videos and pictures are shown, for application, it takes less than 20 minutes. And practice makes perfect as well. The more you use them, the faster you can get them done.

4: How long do they last?

A: They last at least 2 weeks. With a layer of top coat, they can in general last more than 3 weeks!

5: Are they easy to remove?

A: Yes, super easy as well. With the help of cuticle oil, you can remove them without damaging your nails.

6: Why should I buy these semi-cured gel nail strips?

A: Because you will love them! If you love getting your nails done, but have a hard time to keep up with the nail salon appointments or simply don't want to be bothered to go to a nail salon, they will be your best friends. There are so many styles to choose from and you can achieve a nice set of nails by yourself at the comfort of your home.

Here's some reasons why you should try them:

1) Time saving. Tired of getting in your car and wait 1-2 hours to get your nails done in nail salons? Us too! Our semi-cured gel nail strips only requires 20 minutes of your time at the comfort of your own home.

2) Affordable. $100 for a set of nice nails? No! Not with our semi-cured gel nail strips. Save your money on other things that you can’t budget on.

3) Foolproof application. Have you tired liquid gel polish? Do you have hard time with them, especially removal process? You have to soak your nails for 30 minutes in acetone? What? Not with gel nail strips. You’ll never have a hard time with application and removal.

4) Long lasting. As they are made of real gel, they can last 2+ weeks.