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The Real Gel Nails

Fun Pattern Bundle

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Gel Strips
Nail Lamp
Top Coat

If you love our fun patterns, this bundle is for you.

This bundle provides everything you need for your fun pattern semi-cured gel nail strips. You can choose your favorite fun semi-cured gel nail strips, favored top coat and your desired nail lamp.

This bundle includes:

  • 1 set of semi-cured gel nail strips (your choice of style)
  • 1 cuticle oil
  • 1 glossy top coat or matte top coat
  • 1 nail lamp (your choice of regular nail lamp or portable nail lamp)

They are everything you need and you never need to go to nail salons anymore

Customer Reviews

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I think they are fun and easy

They are easy to use. I chose the leopard pattern. It looks cute. I put them on 5 days ago. Still look good now. I'll have to update if they can last 2 weeks.