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The Real Gel Nails

Cuticle Oil-for gel nail strips removal

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This 15 ML cuticle oil not only moisturizes your nails and cuticles, but also helps with removal process of gel nail strips without damage on your nails. 

For nail care, just use a few drops of this cuticle on your cuticles and nail beds. It can help keeping them moisturized for a whole day.

For nail removal, use a few drops on the edges of gel nail strips and life the edges. Slowly take your gel nail strips out with a cuticle pusher. Drop a few more cuticle oil as needed while taking out the nail strips. You should never force and peel the gel nail strips off directly, otherwise, your nails might be damaged.

Ingredient: jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil, rose oil.

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Cuticle Oil