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The Real Gel Nails

Cuticle Cream (sweet tea smell)-for daily nail maintenance

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This handmade cuticle cream is a life saver if you have dried cuticle but also love to use gel nail strips. 

It is great for daily cuticle moisturization and won't affect your gel nail strips longevity because it won't get under the strips like the liquid cuticle oil. 

Also the sweet tea smell is so good. 

You have to give it a try!

This cuticle cream is not used for gel nail strips removal. If you need gel nail strips removal, please see here to get the liquid cuticle oil.

Ingredient: olive oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, Avocado oil

Warning: this product is handmade. Please do a skin test before application.

Customer Reviews

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Smells so good

I use cuticle oil often and this definitely replaced them. It smells so good and very moisturizing