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The Real Gel Nails

Cuticle Cleaner

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Are you taking care of your cuticles? Do you know besides moisturizing them with cuticle cream, you also need to clean them? There are dead skin on your cuticles and people would spend lots of money to get them cleaned in nail salons because cutting the cuticle at home is daunting!

But with this cuticle cleaner, you can clean your cuticles at home. 

Only with the following steps, you can get a clean cuticle without any cutting:

1. Apply any liquid cuticle remover. 

2. Push up the cuticle.

3. Use the trimming fork side to cut dead skin gently.

4. Apply cuticle oil or cuticle cream to keep the nails moisturized.

As easy as that, you'll get really clean cuticles!

Customer Reviews

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Rhona J
The best tool ever

This is really the best tool ever. It cleaned my cuticle so easily