Why We Started The Real Gel Nails

Hello friends! You want to know why did we start The Real Gel Nails? The answer is very easy: we want everybody to feel confident and beautiful in a way that they feel comfortable with. 

I've been an introvert my whole life. I always felt it was hard for me to try new places and talk to new people. But I also like to do my nails because having my nails done gave me more confidence. When I sometimes feel blue, I'll look at my beautifully-done nails, and feel more hopeful.

Since my move from South Carolina to Michigan, I had to find a new salon, which was tedious. So I started doing my research to see if there are other options out there. To my surprise, there was! Semi-cured gel nail strips! I was so excited to have found them as they are really a game changer to me. I can do everything at home at the fraction of the price. I feel it has changed my life and I want other introverts to enjoy them as well. 

Every time I have the gel strips on, I get so many compliments, which help me to gain confidence. And I know how crucial it is for an introvert to feel confident. So I hope you can feel the same way when you put on a set of our gel nail strips!

Love you guys


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