Big appreciation

I’m writing this blog with love and appreciation from the bottom of my heart. I am really amazed how much support I get from you guys for my small business. And I just want to write this blog to record this.

When I first pondered about starting my own business, I thought no one would buy anything from me. There are so many e-commerce stores nowadays, and why would anyone choose me? Besides, I literally had no experience in business. Being an introvert, I always doubt myself. But I still decided to take a chance and invest in this business as I know semi-cured gel nail strips could benefit lots of people. They are a relative new nail technology and I think the world should know they exist. 

So I took lots of my savings and started this business journey. To my surprise, I got so much support from you guys. We’ve got about 120 orders within a few months and so many repeated customers. Some of you have even already purchased from me for 3 or 4 times in a short span of time. I truly appreciate it. 

I don’t know what I do to deserve your support, but I do want you guys to know that your support means the world to me. I always write a personal thank you note in every order because your order changed and is still changing my life. I also want you to have a nice experience because you could’ve purchased from some big corporation but you chose to support me, a new small business. That, to me, is beyond amazing. 


Thank you again,

Grace-Founder of The Real Gel Nails

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